Leila (@leilaamirizade)

تقارن ،پر كردن جاهاي خالي و فرم دهي به ابروها با متد مايكروبليدينگ فيبروز اروپا توسط ارمغان مبهوت (انتخاب رنگ كار كاملا بسته به رنگ طبيعي ابروهاي هر شخص هستش و اينكه كسي ابروهاي رنگ كرده داره دليل بر اين نميشه كه رنگ هاشور هم بايد روشن باشه چون هم اينكه رنگ روشن دوام بالايي نداره و هم اينكه اگر بنا به هر دليلي شخص نتونست ابروهاشو رنگ كنه ظاهر قشنگي نخواهد داشت تفاوت رنگ بين خطوط هاشور و موهاي ابرو لطفا خواسته معقول و منطقي داشته باشيد عزيزااان 😘)

Mariannthy Nicolaou (@permanentmakeupbymariannthy)

Did you know green soap has been BANNED by Health Canada?? 😶
Membrane is the best postcare line and the only one specifically formulated for micropigmentation.
MicroTonic is meant to be used during the procedure in lieu of baby wipes👶 and water 💧 Using MicroTonic starts prepping the skin to heal, stop bleeding and prevent lymph formation.
One bottle is good for 50-70 procedures.
6 ⏰hours later, MicroBalm comes into play. By the way, MicroBalm is so good for the skin we have clients who use it on their children👧 to clear up rashes and even on pet's 🐶 dry snout! Even better, it's 100% natural🏞️️ and cruelty-free 🐒
MicroBalm will keep the skin nourished for the following 7-15 days📆, ensuring pigment retention and preventing scab formation.
Wanna try out these game cha going products? Head over to our website to shop! www.membranepostcare.com or shop through the link in our bio. 😘😘

Karen Atkinson (@perfectionsspmu_aesthetics)

A lil selfie from earlier infront kid my pretty back drop 😊. All set up waiting for my next lady to create some beautiful natural looking brows for her 💖 Pics to follow :#tattoo#cosmetictattooing#spmuartist#eyebrows#essex#billericay#perfections#hairstrokes

Everlasting Brows Canada (@everlastingbrowscanada)

We are so excited for ESI!! 😁😁😁
THE BIGGEST BEAUTY INDUSTRY convention in Canada!! 🇨🇦🇨🇦 we are going to be in great company at our booth 111.
Here are the stars who will joining us at our booth:
❤️@moniluxe Monika Ludwiczak, founder of Everlasting Brows, flying in from London 🇬🇧. Monika will be doing expert microblading at our booth as well as offering her valuable tips.
❤️Otto Mitter, founder of @elleebana, flying in from the land down under, Australia 🇦🇺.Otto will be doing his signatureash lifts at our booth.
❤️Marisol Medina, founder of @microbladinghub, flying in from Montreal. She will be giving you guys marketing advice to grow your business. 💻
❤️Nadine Couette and Maria Ioannou, founders of Lov Cosmetik, the official academy and distributor of @everlastingbrowscanada and @elleebana_canada. Get to know the business ladies behind this brand! 💄💅💼
Tell us, are you going to be there too??

Laura-Jo | Makeup & Brows (@laurajo.makeup)

Next month it’ll be a whole year since I started microblading, which means some of you will be due in for your annual colourboost. This is the best way to keep your brows looking fresh and in perfect shape 💕
I’ll be emailing out a price list to all my microblading clients this week 💉❤️

Finishing Touches by Krissma (@finishingtouchesbykrissma)

Gloss & Go™️ lips using @indelibeliner pigments 💉 Semi Permanent Make Up bespoke for each individual person, smudge proof, kiss proof and sweat proof lips that lasts 24/7! 👌🏼 Just add gloss and go! 🌟 This is after first treatment, top up included after 4-6 weeks
⏰ Annual top ups required to keep them looking fresh (12-18 months)
💷 Introductory offers coming!!!
📞 Contact me 07889 368828
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