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When tailoring men’s trousers, always default to having your pants hemmed to leave a quarter/slight break. It looks more polished and sharper and works for everyone. A trick I do with all my male clients is to have the tailor hem the pants so that it’s slightly longer at the back of the hem. That way, when you’re walking, you’ll show less sock and when you’re standing still, it’ll lay nicer on the top and back of your shoe. There are very few times, I’d argue almost never, when you’d cuff your dress pants or wool trousers. I’ve never cuffed pants for a single client because it’s not necessary, no matter their body type. #mensstyleguide #dcstylefactory @dcstylefactory

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Daniel Yangya, a student hailing from Manipur, says "I enjoyed everything from the beginning to the end. The interactive sessions, the recap and the assesments.They made sure that we had picked up everything taught throughout the course."

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High Definition Brows from blonde to dark brown in 40minutes 🙌 Emma now has a beautiful shape to follow rather than spending 20minutes drawing over her really blonde eyes struggling to find her shape. #highdefinitionbrows #hdbrows #prostylist #darkbrows

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“Be sure to tune in on March 4th at 10AM for our first ever LIVE STREAM photoshoot with Hair By Damian and Destiny Reber Photography, featuring behind the scenes hair and makeup, Cosmetic Q&As with pro stylists, and more!”

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Badass! 🖤 This year step by step I will achieve all my goals! 🌟 I won’t stop, I won’t surrender! 💪🏻 I know that everything is possible if you work hard for it! 👍🏻 And I will 🙏🏻 I hope you all have a dream to achieve ☺️ ➰ Esmu izvirzījusi lielākos un svarīgākos uzdevumus, kurus jāpaveic šī gada laikā un katru nedēļu es izvirzu nedēļas uzdevumus! Tie ir viss dažādākie, sākot ar atslodzes dienu, grāmatas lasīšanu, sportošanu un beidzot ar uzdevumiem, kuri palīdzēs sasniegt lielos mērķus! 🏆
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Boudoir doesn't have to be anything other than what you choose. Thong girl? Ok. Boy shorts? Ok. Comfy sweaters or silky robes. Bodysuits or yoga pants - it's more about the attitude. The confidence. The process. Just you. Your way. 🙌🏽. #boudoir #photography by @sharonhundley at @lynnacres with #model and co-stylist @hairbykellen Using #beautycounter products. #beautiful #instabeauty #makeup #makeupartist #instagood #prostylist #bhcosmetics #pretty #flawless #skin #confident #mua

Marisa González (@cloverriot)

#Repost @dcstylefactory
Recently our project manager Amy came back to work with us part-time after being at home with her new baby for six months. It brought me back to those days with small children and no break ever not even at night or in the bathroom and wondering have I showered this week and what time is it didn’t I just wake up and it’s already night? It’s trying to feel like you when you always comes last on the list - if you make the list at all. Our #tuesdaytip is dedicated to all the moms out there. Here are a few tips we tell our stay-at-home moms to guide them in upping their style game. Tap link in profile!