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信じる 👧👉❤️👈👽 Believe. (Maybe soon in tees)

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Delaney tagged me in this and I honestly feel so attacked rn 👽✌️ #aliens #ufo #icomeinpeace #savage #iwanttobelieve

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Rainbows and X-Files is a pretty accurate summation of my life.
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I can't get enough of seeing these two together again

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These large, statement making earrings were inspired by crop circles 👽 Do you believe? I’m always watching new documentaries on the subject, just to catch up on new information to ponder on.
Featuring lovely little amethyst points 💜 and sterling silver hooks so sensitive ears are happy to.
They’re three inches long (not including hooks), so they’re quite large (my favorite) but very lightweight (also my favorite). They’re available and in my shop right now!✨
($45) ✨
Thanks for being here and looking at my art 😘 👽🙌🏼

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Here's a work that I don't show a lot (or ever) but will be showing in #NeverIsAPromise, the first show (with #GaryRossPastrana) at the new space #CalleWright, created by @isalorenzomanila and @rach_rillo of @silverlensgalleries. I originally made this work for a show at @swissinstitute #NewYork curated by @simoncastets. This work is also available for free as a high res download on my Google Drive. Here is the link: I loved the inspiration that sparked #ChrisCarter to make the infamous #IWantToBelieve #XFiles #poster. Carter said: "The original graphic came from me saying,"Let's get a picture of a spaceship and put- #EdRuscha-like 'I want to believe.' I love Ed Ruscha. I love the way he puts texts in his paintings." I wanted to somehow return Ruscha, now mixed in with the X-Files back into a contemporary art setting, so instead of a spaceship, I included a #blackhole and instead of the idyllic landscape of #Austria, I used the equatorial mess of #Singapore. But I kept the original #typography intact. #hemanchong #free #silverlensgalleries

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In celebration of the X-FILES new season launch we have decided to team up and launch this fan giveaway just for you!
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Contest ends on 1/26/18
Make sure to follow all of the rules. You must be following all makers in order to win. Giveaway accounts and repost accounts will not be accepted.
Goodluck & remember that the truth is out there!

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"Logo H.A.N. saya dari tahun ke tahun 😁"

• For the imagination of HandKun 💋💞

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