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I scrolled. I laid eyes on this image. It sent the information to my brain. My brain processed this image. I didn't even realize Jimin for a quick second. It's like he's part of the art around him, the colours bringing out what he carries within. His life, his aura, so bright, so vibrant, it never fails to remind me of a sunny yellow. His mind, his soul, his thoughts, so gracious, the deepest blues and the most mellow. His voice, his chords, his range, his smile, grander than the richest cello. How are you so much of everything, my dearest marshmallow?? I often question your duality, from the fluffy airiness of clouds to volcanos that cause dangerous, hot shrouds, it's unfair, what you do to me. Your eyes, they are round, soft, brown, like almonds. Your hair, a golden crown. How fitting for someone that pulls me out of every frown. Your joy is my importance, for it's quite the sight to see, it's contagious, lyrical, shining, the most precious thing that's ever been.
Your body is relaxed, so at ease, it makes me happy, when I think of your limbs being so so free. It reminds me of the way you dance, from your little pinky toe to your hair's peak, you move them so damn gracefully. Fuelled with emotions we can barely comprehend, hard to explain but words, it easily transcends. Your passion blazes grander than the oldest willow tree. You're a creation so divine, pearls, gems, diamonds, oh you are so much more fine. You're aiming for the highest high, your goal, the sky. An angel, when I look at you, that's one of many things I see. No one could possibly ever disagree.

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The Quality of this has suffered... #Suga#BTS#gummysmile

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Amazing results with only 4 units of Botox treating the lip elevator muscle which can be hyperactive causing excessive gingival display (gummy smile). Show off those shiny whites with a beautiful, natural smile. #botoxsecrets #gummysmile #yourewelcome

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this smile gonna accompany me thru my day today 💎 #suga#minyoongi#gummysmile

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Did you know Botox can treat a “gummy smile”? 😬 It is by far my absolute favorite area to treat with Botox. 💉 It only take a few units and makes a world 🌎 of a difference. I did a step wise approach on this patient and started with the ⬇️ lowest dose possible. This gorgeous girl couldn’t stop smiling she had to send me a photo! 🤩 .
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Improving the frame 💁🏼‍♀️ this client disliked the amount of gum on show when she smiled. Our ‘gummy smile’ treatments are quick and painless and last around 4 months 💉