Benefaction Satisfaction (@benefactionsatisfaction)

Can I tell you something? Denial doesn’t solve environmental problems. ⠀

I started Benefaction Satisfaction because I care deeply about marine mammals.⠀

Here are a few things you should know about Benefaction Satisfaction’s beliefs: ⠀
- Denial doesn’t solve environmental problems.⠀
- Change starts with awareness.⠀
- It’s our responsibility to know how our actions affect the world around us--and do something about it.⠀
- Small actions can be powerful.⠀

I know you have a lot of choices. You get to choose which company or store you support.⠀

You can feel good about purchasing from Benefaction Satisfaction because a portion of every purchase is donated to The Marine Mammal Center. ⠀

It’s a whale of a cause!⠀

What do you believe in?⠀

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pattern and pattern (@patternandpattern)

Pattern 178. Download here:

Hayley Sachs Mann (@hayleysachsartistry)

It’s only Wednesday. That I have to take as the chance to take on the rest of this week. There’s nothing easy about being successful. You need to look it straight in the eye and work for it!

Aditi Panchal Designs (@aditipanchal.designs)

My prints and pouches (swipe to see them) are now being sold at @outonalimbokc !! If you are in the @plazadistrict sometime, be sure to go into this gem of a shop and check them out 🎉

ArielleJanvier (@ariellejanvier)

My snuggly little bug. He really is my number one fan. He watches everything I do and from what I show him he’ll learn how to interact with the world around him. It’s such an indescribably humbling position to be adored by your child. I’m awed by it and I feel the weight of the responsibility of it. It fills me with joy and an intense need to parent him well and do the absolute best I can for him so that he grows up to be a complete and highly functioning, loving, generous, thoughtful, and kind person. It’s not something that I’m capable of taking lightly. #raisingthefuture #mybabyboy ♥️


Our idea of a balanced diet 🙌

Living Creative (@living_creative_podcast)

Now who doesn’t love a good photo op? I know you have all done the classic duck face, hand on the hip, or even the classic photobomb at least once in your life. ⠀

Taking pictures and sharing them with the world is something that I love to do. I love capturing moments in time and making them stand still for eternity. There is something so captivating and special about taking a picture. ⠀

If you ask my husband, I take way too many pictures, but hey, who can blame a girl? For me, taking and looking at photos has been something I have always enjoyed from a young age.⠀

I remember sitting on the floor as a little girl going through my parent's old photos. Even at that age, I understood the importance of capturing memories through photographs. ⠀
Being able to look back in time and share and relive these moments with others is amazing. ⠀

So next time you whip out your phone to take a picture, just remember that this is your chance to record your own history and to write your story. So don't let that moment pass you by. Take that picture because you will be able to cherish that moment for eternity.

Ruth Bleakley (@ruthbleakley)

"In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this..."

Patricia Yingling (@cake4breakfastshop)

Thank you to everyone who participated in our giveaway this week!! The winner is @bluewoodsdesign!! DM me your address and I will put the journal in the mail to you this week! .... #instagoods #giveaway #creativehappylife #enjoythelittlethings #handmadeisbetter #makersgonnamake #makersmovement #ladypreneur #etsypreneur #handmademaryland

Clare King (@wildoakshop)

I'm so excited to announce that Wild Oak is now live on Etsy! From start to finish, each piece is hand crafted with great care. I've poured my heart and mind into learning how to screen print, brushing up on my sewing skills, and researching fabrics and materials over the past two months. It's been a blast learning new skills, and I'm pretty excited about where all of this is headed. Take a look!
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Leena Joshi (@the.artful.atelier)

Olive branch illustration.

Tracy (@tracysmith_presentperfect)

Woke up with a cold and a burning need to tackle this painting. I was worried that I’d ruined it yesterday. Glad I pushed through the challenge. Gonna be sorry to see this one go. #laboroflove #almostfinished

Cat (@tincatsew)

Gosh I love this little Instagram quilting community. I received the loveliest note and gift in the mail today from @karynsews. Karyn won a giveaway of a mug rug I made and some fabric last month as part of the #libertysocietykanthastitchalong. As a thank you she made me two scrappy mugrugs and sent me a piece of fabric I commented on in one of her recent posts! Such a lovely surprise Karyn, thank you so much 💝. I love the coasters and you have inspired me to make my own, such a great quick make to preserve those baby scraps and I will be putting that animal fabric to good use 😁. I’ve decided the Zebras are my favourite 🦓. How lucky we are to have this platform to connect with people who love the same things we do and make new friends!