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BOTOX💉FILLERS💉LIPS💉LASER (@aestheticallyyou)

This before & immediately after picture follows the video we previously posted. How amazing is this result from Plexr Soft Surgery @aestheticallyyou Non surgical Upper blepharoplasty available @aestheticallyyou The results are instant, this procedure takes roughly 30 minutes, the area is numbed prior to treatment and the downtime is a light brown scab present which will fall off after 5-7 days. We provide a medical foundation to protect the area and promote healing as well camouflage. You can expect a small degree of swelling which will settle in a few days. Call 01517090011 to book you're consultation... #blepharoplasty #nonsurgicalblepharoplasty #plexr_soft_surgery #plexr #aestheticallyyou #rodneystreet #25rodneystreet 👌👌